Your Clothes, Your Way

Because all of the products I produce are made to order it means I can offer you huge scope for customisation, even personalisation. This means you don't have to take what's on the 'shop floor' but can get something truly unique.

If you feel like taking full control of your order you can use our in-browser Replicator Tool which gives you everything you need to make exactly what you want from a wide range of products and designs, you can even mix and match items from my collection.

If you'd like a hand or something more individual, then you can use me instead by getting in touch.

The simplest personalisation options are custom colours and with your choice of product but I can also offer something a bit more extreme.

As I'm not just the shopkeeper but also the designer of all the items here in Geek Tragedy I can offer you individual versions of many of our designs. It could be something as simple as adding a gamertag or username to one of our Achievement Unlocked shirts, your name at the head of our Top of the Charts leaderboard for example. On the other hand you might want something in our shop to be made individual to you, a friend or a family member, either an edited design of mine or a personal barcode or QR code.

All personalisation will be done professionally and completely to create a seamless design, I won't just be whacking some text anywhere it fits and hope it comes out ok.

I'm happy to take enquiries on any personalisation subject, we can talk through what you want and get you exactly the product you're after.

Click Here for our Custom FAQ including ordering info and pricing.

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