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If you remember the old Gerry Anderson series Terrahawks you'll remember Kate Kestrel, a fighter pilot/internationlly famous singer who's hair would change colour to all shades of the rainbow through the series, often to then be matched by H.U.D.S.O.N., the chameleon painted car she sometimes drove.

The reason for that strange foray into cult tv nostalgia is because that's what I can offer you with your clothing... Got a favourite colour or want your shirt to accessories with your lightsaber? That, and more, is possible with a wide range of colour and print options available.

While most commonly my prints are white to get the most universal use you can pick from a long list of alternate colours and even special prints, glittery ones, reflective ones, glow in the dark ones and even the intruigingly named Halogen Reflex which has an effect like wearing a disco ball on your chest (groovy baby!)

So, basic white not quite enough, fancy something to match your colours just like H.U.D.S.O.N. matching Kate's hair? Well, explore all the options below and fee free to get in touch with a question or an order via the enquiry form at the bottom of the page!

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Printing Techniques

In addition to colours you can pick from two different types of print, Flex or Flock. Not all colours are available in both kinds and all special types of print are Flex only.


Flex prints have a very slight shine to them and sit nearly flush with the clothing they're on.


Flock Prints have a fuzzy velvety texture and are slightly thicker than Flex so a little more raised.

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