When I think of the products I offer I want them to be like Stargate, well-loved, varied and most of all last a long, long time. The last thing we want to do is for your purchase to be ripped from you before its time like... like... sorry, I'm still welling up at the thought of Firefly...

So, with that in mind I don't offer cheap screen printing or thin plastic iron on style transfers, instead I offer something top of the range and truly geeky, even in manufacturing.

An innacurately doodled advert for a robot with a razor blade.

Instead of standard pixel based images I use vector graphics that work like a GPS route or, perhaps more accurately, a join the dots puzzle. In possibly the best sentence I'll write on this site, that design is then handed over to a robot with a razor blade who cuts the design out to the tiniest of precise measurements.

The material it's cutting is a lot more advanced than your shop bought transfers and has been tested to go through at least 100 washes without distorting, breaking or discolouring, even with the thinnest of lines or text, so your shirt should withstand everything you throw at it*.

Despite that, the transfer is lightweight and stretchable, making them as comfortable to wear as possible.

If you have ANY questions about my tshirts or the production procedures please feel free to message us via our Contact form and I'm happy to answer anything you want to know.

One final note - The design "Electric Personality" is printed using direct to garment technology due to colour limitations. This process may show fade and wear more than the others.

*Please note, tshirt longevity may be affected by laser based weaponry attacks, adamantium claw application or sudden wearer expansion due to gamma radiation mutation.

An Example...

As a quick example, here is the "join the dots" for my eponymous Geek Tragedy design. Each little grey square is a point where the robot changed direction and cuts in a different way. Points can be joined by either straight lines or processed curves, meaning the design can be enlarged and shrunk with no loss of detail (like a font).