Quality Control

I'm sure we can all get together and agree one simple irrefutable fact. Rubbish things suck.

The internet, as much as I love it, hasn't helped as we can't get our hands on stuff before buying any more, and I think everyone probably knows the dark cloud of ordering something online that looked great but failed to live up to its heady politician-style promises.

That's why nothing I sell here is your common or garden buy 100 for a fiver type shirt. Everything here is printed on quality items by known manufacturers, all selected for giving a good product at a reasonable price. That means you get what everyone wants, quality and lastability.

I'm also totally open about what you'll be getting. On every product page there's a menu at the bottom with photos, sizing charts and, most importantly of all in this context, a 'Description' tab which will tell you important stuff like the manufacturer, information on how it's been made and the weight of material used in it's manufacture. I want you to be fully informed before making a purchase.

I'm also proud to say that my manufacturing partner Spreadshirt only uses suppliers with proven ethical practices and does extensive checks on workplace health, employee safety and the origin of the materials used.

If you have any questions about any of my products, then please feel free to use our contact form for any query and I will endevour to give you the info you need.

Our description tab

This is the description tab for our Premium Men's T-Shirt, all products will have one.