About Me

I'm Andy Spencer, and I'm a Geek.

Yes, I really am and that's the best place to start because if you're here, you either are a geek (be proud!) or love one (you're special, you know that? You're a Tasha Yar...) and it's something we should be unashamed and loud about.

Ever since I was 3 and first got my sticky little fingers on the rubber keyboard of a Sinclair Spectrum 48k I've loved technology and making it do just exactly what I wanted it to... (to be fair, sometimes after a mammoth battle...)

Well, Chuckie Egg is now GTA and Daley Thompsons Decathlon (also known as the Joystick Killer) has become Pro Evo Football, but me? I'm the same tech loving geek I've always been.

In the first quarter of 2013 for reasons that already seem hazy from overexposure to CSS and Vector Graphics I decided to take some ideas I had for tshirts onto the web, I had ideas of about a half dozen slogan shirts I thought might be fun.

Jump to right now faster than a Falcon Kessel Run and here we are, many, MANY more than half a dozen designs down and a shop of my very own online, from little Acorns great ARM Holdings do grow...

So my fellow geeks, geek lovers or simply tshirt connoisseurs... I open my arms in welcome to you all onto my small piece of cyberspace, I hope you find the droids tshirts you're looking for.