Transmission Encrypted

My policy for privacy here at Geek Tragedy is an amalgam of two sources, Jesus and Google. From one we have "do unto others" and from the other we have "Don't be evil", both of which are excellent sentiments for online privacy

As I'm connected to Spreadshirt, all your account details, payment details, address etc are all kept on their end in servers I am assured are guarded by Skynet, Cylons and Metal Gear REX. I don't see anything but the very basic info in my order summary.

If you contact me (which is lovely) then obviously I do get access to your email and any other information you may decide to divulge to me.

In that event I swear on my Andromeda box-set and original copy of Super Mario World (with end of game save!) that it will be treated with the utmost care and not divulged to advertising companies, Ferengi merchants, Machiavellian AI on a crusade to end humanity or women dressed as Lara Croft...*

While I might decide to do a newsletter later I also promise not to add your email to a mailing list, send you spam (either the junk mail or processed meat versions) or respond to you in any way other than in reply to your contact.

I also promise not to add you on Facebook to pretend I have lots of friends (although if you'd like to add Geek Tragedy to the pages you follow, that would be super...)

As for cookies, Spreadshirt, again, will use cookies to keep account information etc like most shop sites. Here on the main Geek Tragedy site I don't have any cookies that aren't in an earthenware jar (help yourself, I have choc chip, oatmeal and raspberry) and I don't track you in any way, either around the site or where you've come from or go to (honestly, I have ZERO pairs of night vision goggles, no matter what my ex says).

So, in short... I either don't see the information you provide or I won't be evil with what I do see.

*OK, maybe the last one but I know you'd forgive me if she had the accent and everything.